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DragonSoft Introduces First Custom-Made IIS 7 Web Application Firewall

The signature-based DragonWAF activates defense mechanism when IIS server is under attack, it records all attack patterns using intellectual filtration techniques, webmasters are able to add more filtration strings by themselves, customize warning messages. The multiple graphic reports facilitate log management, making optimal security control ...

Freeware  11,878k 751 DragonSoft Security Associates, Inc.

CBL Web Application Builder

Builds sophisticated, secure Classic ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete data in your web database. Data Entry forms have full vallidation, prevent alpha characters being entered in ...

Shareware  4,529k 1860 City Business Logic

DB3NF - Rapid Web Application Development platform (RAD)

DB3NF is a Rapid Web Application Development platform (RAD) designed for fast and easy creation of high performance, maintainable and scalable Web applications of virtually any kind. It also dramatically reduces development and QA time and provides a consistent look and feel throughout the application. ...

Freeware  1,581k 1779 Interapple Inc

AMCS Template Web Application &Framework

AMCS is a MVC framework implementation for web applications (yes, another one). It uses MySQL, Spring and JSTL. It's purpose is to greatly simplify the development of a basic web application via generic code and a template web application approach.

Freeware  20k 483 amcs.sourceforge.net

Web Application Deployment gets done

Wackit is a web application framework in Perl, based on the popular CGI::Application framework. Wackit aims to decrease time and cost to deploy, decrease time to add new features, and is meant for developers who just want to get things done.

Freeware  6k 413 wackit.sourceforge.net

Web Application Framework Research

Wafer is a research project which compares numerous open source web application frameworks and provides a common example application implemented in each framework.

Freeware  2,270k 824 waferproject.org

Web Application Load Simulator

Web application load testing tool written in Java. Uses a central console to manage remote simulations allowing for a large number of virtual users. Can test fullblown web applications requiring cookies and complex querystring and formdata.

Freeware  2,020k 538 jobmanager.sourceforge.net

phpWAFr - PHP Web Application Framework

phpWAFr is a PHP Web Application Framework designed to accelerate the development of transactional database Web applications. It's composed of a set of infra-structure classes, functions and webpage templates for support all kind of CRUD operations.

Freeware  2,167k 622 phpwafr.sourceforge.net

s-node web application framework

S-Node is a web application framework. The system is designed for high flexibility, it's modular structure allows individual adjustments to needs. The main solution in combination with S-Node is an Enterprise Content Management System. For more informatio

Freeware  1,356k 556 s-node.sourceforge.net

Aquarium Web Application Framework

Aquarium is a framework for creating highly-dynamic, custom Web application in Python. It offers convenient libraries, tight integration with Cheetah, adaptors for various Web environments, and a convenient approach to Web development.

Freeware  196k 636 aquarium.sourceforge.net

Calyxo Web Application Framework

Calyxo encourages in MVC-Model2 Java web application development. It offers support for true modular applications, i18n, flexible view management, a powerful validation engine, and more. Calyxo's Struts plugins may replace Struts' Tiles and Validator.

Freeware  6,386k 676 calyxo.org

Delphi/Kylix Web Application Container

A Container for web application/servlets implemented in Delphi/Kylix.It may be used stand alone (as a web server) and also in conjunction with other web servers (as an application server).

Freeware  545k 498 webtank.sourceforge.net

Frame2 Web Application Framework

Frame2 is an alternative to using Struts for web application development. Frame2 also supports web services in an MVC context.

Freeware  5,353k 1720 github.com

Icicle Web Application Framework

Icicle is a web application framework, allowing easier management of site content and modules. It offers a simple and intuitive configuration layout and allows easy development and management of web applications.

Freeware  7k 624 icicle.sourceforge.net

JDSML Web Application Engine

JDSML Web Application Engine is a view oriented, java based web application development framework, aiming to enable you develop web application in a shortest amount of time and maintain them as simple web pages.

Freeware  25,941k 381 jdsml.sourceforge.net

Ruby Web Application Framework

Based on the Jakarta Struts project, the Ruby Web Application framework is a framework for developing web/wap applications founded in the Ruby programming language.

Freeware  17k 713 ruby-waf.sourceforge.net

SteelArrow Web Application Server

SteelArrow is an easy to use Web Application Server offering the latest in Internet connectivity and dynamic content development. SteelArrow is a feature rich HTML embedded markup based scripting language.

Freeware  547k 764 steelarrow.sourceforge.net

php.MVC Web Application Framework

php.MVC is an open source framework for PHP Web applications.php.MVC implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) designpattern, and encourages application design based on the Model 2 paradigm.The framework provides a single entry point Controller.

Freeware  649k 503 phpmvc.net

Insurance company web application

A web based application for insurance company , this website can be used to intimate customers depending on their policy renewal date and can claim insurance amount. Main emphasis was on wide application with minimalist design.

Freeware  2,986k 440 insurancecom.sourceforge.net

Struts:Spring Web Application Template

GoodsStore is yet another WEB-based example application that intended to demonstrate best-practice usage of modern technologies like: Spring, Struts, JMS, Web-services, iBatis, etc.

Freeware  10,998k 759 goodsstore.sourceforge.net

ASP/PHP Web Application Builder

Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete data in your web database. Data Entry forms have full vallidation, prevent alpha characters being entered in numeric ...

Shareware  2,649k 1045 citybusinesslogic com

Parsec Web Application Framework

Parsec provides a JSP 1.2 tag library and an API for developing rich web applications. MVC is supported with the Page Controller pattern, where requests go to JSPs; no XML config files. Client-side form validation supported by JavaScript code generation.

Freeware  182k 443 parsecweb.sourceforge.net

2step: web application framework

2step is a development framework written in Java for developing complete web applications (including web services). As a servlet framework features access control, logging, I18N, database access, deploy, XML/XSL, etc, and uses Jetty, FOP and jCharts. Stand alone jetty server includedWeb app based administrationTemplate based ...

Freeware  9,797k 695 zentense.com

Web Application Security Papers Archive

Aimed for web app security with hope of quick reference. WAS papers are scattered among hundreds of resources, some of which are likely to be broken links in some time. All sec pros wish their papers reach the whole world widely for perfect security.

Freeware  664k 373 waspap.sourceforge.net

Web Application Component Toolkit

A Patterns based framework for developing web applications in PHP. A Lightweight runtime component tree is generated from compiling templates marked with customizable tags.

Freeware  350k 244 phpwact.org

Hygia web-application testing framework

Hygia is a testing framework for web-applications that allows you to configure the end-points through XML configuration files and define not only the input and output parameters, but also validators and plug-ins.

Freeware  1,467k 556 hygia.sourceforge.net

Jandy Web Application Framework

Jandy is an internet development framework based on Indy, designed to make writing web clients and servers easier. Currently only the HTTP client and HTTP server frameworks are working, but other protocols will be included, like FTP, POP3, SMTP, etc.

Freeware  35k 400 jandy.sourceforge.net

XOOPS Web Application Platform

XOOPS is one of world's leading open source CMS and portal systems, written in PHP for the MySQL database. Its object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more. Founded in ...

Freeware  5,987k 631 xoops.org


CacheGuard provides a firewall, an antivirus, a forwarding and reverse proxy cache, a web traffic compressor, a URL guarding facility, a Web application load balancer, a WAF (Web Application Firewall), a traffic shaper, a traffic logger and much more. Integrating CacheGuard into your networks is ...

Shareware  190,292k 154 CacheGuard Technologies Ltd

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Audit your website security with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner As many as 70% of web sites have vulnerabilities that could lead to the theft of sensitive corporate data such as credit card information and customer lists. Hackers are concentrating their efforts on web-based applications - ...

Shareware  8,192k 2014 Acunetix
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