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NetServe Web Server

NetServe Web Server

NetServe Web Server is a super compact Web Server and File Sharing application for Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, and XP. It's HTTP Web Server can serve all types of files including html, gif and jpeg, actually any files placed in your NetServe directory can ...

Demo  3,183k 1304 Net X Solutions Ltd
ASP.NET Barcode Web Server Control

ASP.NET Barcode Web Server Control

The ASP .NET Barcode Web Server Control is a new drag-and-drop component that easily adds dynamic barcoding capability to Microsoft .NET Web Applications. It is a server-side component that creates JPEG images, therefore all processing takes place on the server and it is compatible with ...

Demo  568k 2352 IDAutomation com Inc
Easy File Sharing Web Server

Easy File Sharing Web Server

Easy File Sharing Web Server is a Windows program that allows you to host a secure peer-to-peer and web-based file sharing system without any additional software or services. Not even additional HTML page design. It allows you to run a web site on your own ...

Shareware  1,822k 1986 EFS Software Inc
GetPDF Web Server

GetPDF Web Server

GetPDF Web Server Edition allows your web clients to create PDF files from any printable document. It installs a virtual printer named GetPDF, which is accessible for all web clients. All they have to do is to click Print from their application to create PDF ...

Shareware  1,234k 1112 GetPDF Inc
NaviCOPA Web Server

NaviCOPA Web Server

NaviCOPA takes the hard work out of running a Web Server. The NaviCOPA Web Server installs on any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system with just a few clicks of the mouse and automatically configures itself for instant HTTP access.Award winning NaviCOPA Web Server ...

Shareware  2,680k 1043 InterVations Inc
KF Web Server

KF Web Server

KF Web Server is a free HTTP Server that can host an unlimited number of web sites. Its small size, low system requirements and easy administration make it the perfect choice for both professional and amateur web developers alike. Supports: CGI, sophisticated security settings, multiple ...

Freeware  694k 915 KeyFocus Ltd

NetworkActiv Web Server

Very easy to use, intuitive, 100% freeware, secure, Windows based web server (HTTP Daemon) with a multilingual graphical user interface and a real-time on-screen connection log. Has a small footprint of just 608KB (not compressed!) and can be easily configured in just a few minutes. ...

Freeware  612k 1009 NetworkActiv
Stunnix Perl Web Server

Stunnix Perl Web Server

Stunnix Perl Web Server is designed for putting any Perl/PHP/MySQL/SQLite-based website on CDROM, that once put to tray will run off CDROM (including webserver itself, MySQL and PHP/Perl interpreters) and will open a browser with site in it on Windows, MacOS X and Linux from ...

Shareware  3,079k 1051 Stunnix
Simple web-server

Simple web-server

For debugging and publishing HTML sites. It is a very simple web server and when a HTTP query is received it simply gives files from the chosen directory without indicating any MIME-types

Freeware  336k 1089 www storecalc com

BarracudaDrive Web Server

With BarracudaDrive, it’s easy to store, access, and share files online. BarracudaDrive is different from the standard "online file service" provided by a myriad of providers. BarracudaDrive turns your home network into a powerful online file storage. For example, BarracudaDrive turns your PC or Mac ...

Shareware    896 Real Time Logic
Easy Address Book Web Server

Easy Address Book Web Server

Easy Address Book Web Server is a Web Address Book software that allows users to view, search, add, edit, or administer address books easily through a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera etc.) from any platform. It can help you share contacts with your ...

Shareware  2,528k 2128 EFS Software Inc
Easy File Management Web Server

Easy File Management Web Server

Easy File Management Web Server is a web based file management software to manage your files and folders easily through a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari etc.). You can administrate your files and folders as easy as in your local drive and access with ...

Shareware  2,598k 2227 EFS Software Inc

2Morrow Web Server Monitor

This easy-to-use program monitors critical systems on your web servers and diagnoses problems in real time. The visual nature of the application makes it easy to spot problem areas at a glance. You can customize your severity colors and levels, play sound files when severity ...

Shareware  5,019k 704 2Morrow Software

Housatonic Project Viewer for Web Server

View and Print MS Project 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 or 2010 project information without Microsoft Project or other software installed on your local PC: all software runs at the web server and Project information is viewed in IE/Nscape/Mozila and Firefox browser. With HPV Web/Server ...

Commercial  14,746k 835 Viewer Central

Shweb - Shell Web Server

Shweb is a tiny web server written in shell script, POSIX compliant with most used small unix shell interpreters, like ash (busybox included), dash, and bash also. Support for static pages. Works in conjunction with any superdaemon like [x]inetd. Static pages web serverOne single shell ...

Freeware  15k 473 shweb.sourceforge.net
Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server

Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server

Secure, ultra-fast FTP server and robust multi-threaded Web server for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, featuring XML-based GUI remote 2-level administration scheme, CGI/ISAPI, separate upload/download speed limits, storage quotas, dynamic DNS, SSL and compression. The easiest-to-use file server for Windows to convert any NT-based Windows into a server ...

Freeware  4,648k 1202 fastream com
Abyss Web Server X1

Abyss Web Server X1

Abyss Web Server X1 is a free and compact personal web server for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. It supports HTTP/1.1, CGI scripts, ISAPI extensions, SSI, password protection, IP address control, custom error pages, bandwidth throttling, anti-leeching, anti-hacking, and features a multilingual intuitive remote ...

Freeware  255k 1063 aprelium com
PlanetHomeWeb Simple Web Server

PlanetHomeWeb Simple Web Server

PlanetHomeWeb is a complete software package that provides you with everything you need to run your own website right from your computer even if you have a dynamic IP address. It includes our lightening fast web server with integrated PHP support, automatic directory listing generation, ...

Shareware  2,049k 715 planetdns net
.NET MenuTree Web Server Control

.NET MenuTree Web Server Control

The MenuTree is a .NET Web Server Control that displays a vertical or horizontal hierarchical menu. The control integrates into the Visual Studio .NET development environment and appears as an icon in the Toolbox menu. Properties are available for controlling colors, fonts, and appearance.

Shareware  50k 825 nedatacorp com

KLone Embedded Web Server

KLone, an open-source (GPL) Embedded Web Server.A fully-featured, multiplatform, web application development framework,targeted especially for embedded systems and appliances.It is a self-contained solution which includes a web server and an SDK for creating stand-alone WWW sites with both static and dynamic content.It blends the HTTP/S ...

Freeware  464k 1148 KoanLogic srl

Abyss Web Server For Windows

Abyss Web Server 1.0 is a free personal web server.Though small, it supports HTTP/1.1, CGI scripts, partial downloads, caching negotiation, index files and directory aliases. It features also an easy to use remote web management interface.With Abyss Web Server, hosting your web site and your ...

Freeware    600 Aprelium Technologies

HPV Web Server

With HPV Web/Server installed on a Windows2000/2003 server, users access the application via a website link. HPV Web/Server looks and feels the same as MS Project. Users can open their mpp files quickly, viewing project information in their browser. HPV Web/Server can also retrieve project ...

Commercial  10k 603 Viewer Central

Light Weight Perl Web Server

A lightweight, pure PERL, web server.We had the need for a few very specific features in a web server, and could never find a sufficient solution. So we wrote one. Features include: HTTP(s), CGI, dynamic page creation w/ PERL, authentication and more

Freeware  24k 813 lwpwserver.sourceforge.net

PHPico Web Server

A really small web server written in PHP, which is standalone, single threaded and all code is load only once.

Freeware  43k 435 phpico.sourceforge.net

Pegasi Web Server

Pegasi Web Server (PWS) is a multithreading Java webserver, written by students at the Pegasi LUG as a school project for the course of Networking.

Freeware  43k 479 pws.sourceforge.net

Tiny Web Server

A Basic Web Server aimed for beginners, but designed to be easy to use and very quick and easy to set up. This is not intended to big big and advanced, just easy and quick.

Freeware  18k 770 SourceForge.net

Web Server Install-Kit AZ-01

Web Server Install-Kit AZ-01 is a collection of tools used for web server. Included in the kit are Apache2.2, PHP5, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and more.

Freeware  63,621k 502 webserverinstal.sourceforge.net

Vizer Web Server

Vizer is an open source web server written in Visual Basic. Originally written a few years back as a pet project, I found it in a backup and decided to make it open for further developement if people so choose.

Freeware  21k 470 vizerwebserver.sourceforge.net

Web-Server Enterprise

Welcome!This is a€sWeb-Server Enterprisea€t , a advanced, powerful and stylish Operating System. This is also the OS we use on our Servers. This has-MySQL-Apache2-OpenOffice-PHP-Perland moreThe interface used is Minimal X.http://susestudio.com/a/zUQsdu/seshwolfdolphinmedia-web-server-enterprise

Freeware  564,224k 386 susestudio.com

astahttpd web server

astahttpd is a modular web server for Linux/Windows written in pure PHP, mainly targeted for PHP developers. It supports CGI script processing, Name based virtual Host, Basic & Digest Authentication, URL Rewrite, Content encoding, and Add-On Module.

Freeware  94k 390 astahttpd.sourceforge.net
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